Can Woody's wash your vehicle?

Our Woody’s Express Team prides themselves on being able to wash all types of vehicles. After all, this is our business! Unfortunately, like all car washes located around the country, we do have a few limitations that make it unsafe for our customers, Team members and for the wash. Vehicles our express tunnel cannot support include:

  • Vehicles greater that 84” in height
  • Vehicles with a width of 85” or greater
  • Open truck beds with fuel tank(s), items or debris present
  • Trucks with dual rear tires
  • Vehicles with tripod-style & extended camper type mirrors

In addition to the above, many vehicles (old and new) have non factory (customized) items that have been added.  These items are not be covered by most car washes across the country, Woody’s Express is no exception. 

If one or more of the following situations apply to a vehicle, we will wash the car (if possible) on a best efforts basis, but we cannot assume responsibility for any damage. A sampling of these items includes:

  • Existing body damage of any kind on the vehicle
  • Mirrors and covers glued on, loose back cover or glass
  • cracked, loose, flacking and rusted paint and clearcoat
  • Power antennas (not placed/kept in the down position & loose/bent permanently mounted antennas
  • Loose softback and hard tire covers
  • Ski/ladder racks & light bars
  • Front/rear loose or missing wiper assembly’s and blades
  • Non factory parts & modifications to the body
  • Non factory wheels & oversize tires
  • Loose/damaged hood ornaments and spoilers
  • Non-factory window rain guards
  • Vehicles 5” or lower to the ground
  • Vehicles over 10  years old
  • All Plastic wheel caps

We cannot wash vehicles with:

  • Excessive mud on them
  • Trucks with ladder racks or large front guards on the jeeps or trucks